MW3 Team Throwing Knife #3 – Merry Christmas!

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Hope you enjoy this Team Throwing Knife Episode. Likes and favourites would make perfect presents :) Facebook: Twitter: MW3 Gameplay MW3 Randon Weapons Gameplays MW3: Live Gameplays MW3: Team Throwing Knife MW3: Throwing Knife Tutorials MW3 Short & Sweet Clips

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JaffaCakeMajor says:

73 75

BladexNow says:

i got it right 7300-7500:)

munsiej says:

u pwned in episode 2

CodDalton says:

this is probably the nicest guy i have ever seen on youtube

Ali Mohd says:

thats what she said

locky123987 says:

yay i guessed correct 7300-7500!:)

VziToxiczV says:

so if a level 1 gets a kill he has to scream since everyone is going to be a higher level than him?

gamerachao3 says:

the guy who hit you with the riot shield in the beginning he was a lv.1 and was probably screaming his ass off that he killed a higher level. XD

gamerachao3 says:

0:29 did you see the guy fly!

Dikotah Trump says:

I love Carbon for TK kills, I play Drop Zone all the time and only Knife and TK. Everytime I play on carbon I get 20+ kills

WIIgamer201 says:

nice intro XD who made it?

'The Guy' says:

hell yea i was right

'The Guy' says:

win 7300-7500

edliu67 says:


psychocy510 says:

vikkstar (or nyone who knows) how do i actually post my clip on tube

Dylan Ratliff says:

that is awesome

pumazrock66305 says:

add me on ps3 lil_murder17

killer919919 says:

Vikkstar123 can u please add me on psn my username is icecube3495, i always use throwing knifes and if you still have room on your friends list and in your throwing knife clan can i join?

killer919919 says:

ya i play ps3 as well i wanna be in one of ur match’s, so please consider allowing me to play a match w/ u guys. PSN name: icecube3495

Luis Martinez says:

Do you have a ps3 account if so add me yonim92

icedraikon1 says:

I’m your 131,500th subscriber! You have an Xbox 360 AND a PS3? I only have a Wii, which crashed a couple months ago, because of a storm. I’m hoping to get a PS3 or an Xbox 360 for my birthday. Which one would you suggest?

kimozabi2 says:

Vik, I play in PS3, maybe we could do team throwing knife together like you said in Team Throwing Knife #3!

Tachjiru says:

how much money did you make off these vids?

Hyperfuse2012 says:

Dude check out my video called Mw3 infected monster I do awesome kills just like you

danjr2011 says:

im at 2mins45sec and i think you win 7500

jacob64012 says:

me too

rayquan jones says:

Can you please add me on ps3 I wanna be on team tk with u love ur vids my gammer tag vinnie1010

Jason Garski says:

@Vikkstar123 i love to use throwing knives for my equipment (thts all i use) i wana get better with my throwing knives and i would love to b on ur throwing knife team please add me on xbox if you hav enough room on ur friends list MonsterMan730

ENGZzClan says:

you win i guess?

Finley2011PS3 says:

@assasinssolid It totally agree man

Finley2011PS3 says:

Nice one vikkstar, I wish I could play with u on ps3 but I guess u have too many subscribers and am nothing special, but damn well done mate!

pewpewbangable says:

dam, I guest the score right

schuyler bradley says:

you no what I mean when I say hardscoping a throwing knife and thats why you use scavnger and even if you do get 1 just like its nooby to hard scope with snipers its nooby to hard scope throwing knifes

schuyler bradley says:

how about you stop dick riding him fuck off

sadelbrid says:

ha wow youre nothing compared to vikkstar123

Cameronrs96 says:

hardscoping is called sniping. and “hardscoping” a throwing knife is for accuracy since you only get one

sniper1235721 says:

me to im waching dis on it.

SWAGGRabbitCentral says:


schuyler bradley says:

i no that when I say you hard scope a throwing knife Im saying you take a long time to line up your shot like hard scoping with a sniper when knifing you are just apose to whip it out as fast as you can

1997rutger1997 says:

Dude, there’s no scope on a throwing knife

IM3RKDY0u says:

Hardscope with a throwing knife…??? -_-

assasinssolid says:

that guy below me is a 10 year old fag

schuyler bradley says:

the team you were playing aginst is garbage my clan would have raped you guys also you hard scope your throwing knife a lot im a real knife player

Nancy Lua says:

i like that joke ; )

MrJayj19 says:

u win

superlobo2510 says:

Add me in ps3, Silver-Fire-25

SilverGamingXxX says:

this team is awesome add me on xbox live MR AWESOME41501

drkrandomguy says:

lolololololol look at 00:28 to 00:31 lol that guy went flying!!!!!!

UkuleleGoat says:

I feel accomplished…one of the only jokes I got right away! By the way, love team throwing knife.

softshenaniganz14 says:

Hahahaha I just got that joke and I watched this on Christmas

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